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Adolescent Counselling

How is counselling and psychotherapy different for adolescents?

Adolescence is a time of transition for both the young person and their parents, carers and family, with many unique challenges. I work with young people from the age of 13 years and up and  I offer regular parental reviews and updates, whilst maintaining client confidentiality. I also share additional resources to support the whole family when appropriate.

What do adolescents struggle with?

Just like adults, young people struggle with anxiety, depression and understanding how to navigate difficult relationships and events. This may show itself in a lack of engagement, emotional and social withdrawal or resistance, struggles with self image, relational difficulties or even self harm. Adolescents are learning how to transition from childhood to adulthood whilst engaging with a world that may feel unfamiliar and demanding. This can be difficult and overwhelming and so therapy can provide a place for them to explore their experiences safely as they work towards their goals.

How does adolescent therapy work?

I offer an initial 30 minute telephone consultation, free of charge, with the  parents or carers of each young person. I then have an initial hour long session with both carers and their adolescent, where we establish a plan for therapy together and look at a proposed number of sessions. Counselling then continues with the young person alone and I ensure that parents and carers are kept up to date on our progress, while maintaining client confidentiality. The sessions can include talk therapy and a variety of creative approaches depending on the individual needs of each young person.


How much does counselling cost?
The initial 30 minute telephone conversation with family or caregivers is free of charge. I then charge €40 - €60 per hour long session and ask that any sessions cancelled within a 24 hour period are paid in full.  

How often do we meet and where?
I work face to face with young people on a weekly basis. This can be outside of school hours to support your existing commitments.

Please contact me to find out more or to make an appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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